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Fluid with ideas, rigid with values

Fluid with ideas, rigid with values

Ideas come and go, values are forever

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·Apr 8, 2023·

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When we conjure up exceptional ideas, we tend to become fixated on those ideas. We become attached, and dogmatic. "I thought of this great idea, that seems to solve this particular problem, so it must be right." This causes tunnel vision, it tends to close you off to other more productive ways of thinking.

So it's important to remember, you are not your ideas or your beliefs. They are a byproduct of you. It's the culmination of timing, past experiences, skill, perspective, and luck.

Let's try to be fluid with ideas and beliefs and rigid in our values and vision. Hold on to ideas that are serving your vision but be free enough to let them go. If you're in sync with your truest values, your ideas and beliefs will tend to serve you better.

CompassionI must give money to the homeless
LoveI need to tell everyone I love them once a week
CommunityI should be a part of at least 3 clubs
LegacyI must have 3 kids to continue my legacy
LongevityI need to adopt this business model to stay in the game longer
HealthI need to eat broccoli once a week to stay healthy
WealthThe only way to make money is with Real Estate
AbundanceI need to give more

Midjourney prompt: third eye, minimal --v 5

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